Oregon CARES

Community Action for Responsible and Equitable Service

Oregon CARES

Community Action for Responsible and Equitable Service

Oregon CARES

Oregon CARES is a local, grassroots, and volunteer-led organization of Oregonians who are committed to elevating and electing responsible and equitable community leaders in service.


Voting Rights and Election Integrity

In Oregon, voting rights and election integrity are exemplified through our pioneering mail-in voting system. Ensuring every eligible citizen has access to a secure and convenient way to vote fosters inclusivity and trust in the electoral process. Oregon CARES is committed to protecting and expanding access to this system. 

Transparency and Accountability

Transparency and accountability in local politics are the bedrock of effective governance. At a local level, these principles foster public trust, empower citizens, and deter corruption. They ensure that decisions benefit the community, promoting responsible, responsive, and honest administration of essential services and resources.

People over Partisanship

Prioritizing people over partisanship. promotes effective leadership that serves community needs. It fosters collaboration, innovation, and a focus on local solutions. By rising above political divisions, officials can focus on the concerns and desires of citizens helping to build a more united and prosperous community.

Putting Community First

Community-first leaders prioritize the well-being of constituents above all else. They actively listen to diverse voices, work for shared goals, and foster unity. Their leadership brings about local solutions, social cohesion, and a stronger, more resilient community that thrives through collective effort and inclusivity.


16520 NE Nelson Road
Newberg, OR 97132


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